Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Two Half Circle Skirts ( # 2018 Make 9 and # 2018 Sew 9)


The second week in January my DD asked me to sew a white circle skirt for her. She gave me two-week's notice and specific instructions about the length of the skirt.
I had a TNT pattern for a flared skirt I’ve sewn many times for her; I though it will be easy to alter. I altered the pattern and cut the fabric. Disaster, 4 of the 10 yd of white fabric I had in my stash was thrown in the trash.
I recut the skirt and altered the circular waist to ????  who knows what the heck I was thinking, another 4 yds. of white fabric was wasted.

I went to  Pinterest and found the instruction for a halfcircleskirt 
I followed the instructions (or so I though) and of course this time I made a muslin only to realize that I did not followed the instructions and created a quarter circle skirt if there is such a thing? Wasted another 3 yds. of muslin fabric.

I threw the fabric in the trash and walked away.  After a good night sleep I took another look at the pattern and I saw my error. I added paper to the exiting pattern and completed the circle.  Unfortunately, I only had 2 yds. of white fabric in my stash. I search high and low because I really did not want to buy fabrics.  I made a run to Joann for fabric. Luckily, I found the same type of fabric and it was on sale for 30% off plus an additional 20 % of your total purchase. I purchase 10-yds. enough to make 2-skirts and a jacket.
I tissue fitted the paper pattern on my DD because after the shenanigans I was not about to make another muslin; the fit was perfect. Within an hour I cut and sewed the skirt added elastic to the waist and hung it up for 48 hours. The next day I cut and sewed the second skirt and hung it up. My DD had a change in the date, so that gave another week to work on the skirts. This morning I realize that skirt were hung up 6- days ago and I decided to complete the skirts today. 

The most time consuming part of making the skirts were the bias hems:
1. the hems were recut and serge.
2. I  machine basted a running stitch the depth of the hems; this made it easier to turn under the hem
3. because the hems were on the bias I did a second basting stitch near the hems; this allowed me to pull the thread and press the extra ease flat
4. lastly, the hems were press under, the extra ease were press flat and I hemmed the skirts by hand while I listened to my favorite playlist on Spotify until I was done.


Monday, January 22, 2018

2018 Projected Plan and # Make 9 # Use 9

This is my first post of 2018.

My interpretation of #Make 9 # Use 9 includes sewing, needlework, home decor, organizational projects and craft projects using what I have in my stash. I am a multi-crater and my blog reflects what I enjoy.

Here is my projected plan, patterns and fabrics will be decided later:
1.     Skirts or pants
2.     Dress or dresses
3.     Jacket, coat or vest
4.     Home Project- to be determine
5.     Complete or give away all UFO
6.     Other- to be determine later

# Make 9 has been around for a couple of years. # Use 9, I believe this is its first year. There is a lot of information regarding Make 9 (You Tube) and #Use 9 on Instagram.

I like both concepts, however after years of attempting to sew with a plan and joining sew-a-longs without success, (except for Faye” skirts sew-a- long and Tops sew-a-long) I realize that it does not work for me because I feel pressured and the next thing you know I begin to feel overwhelm and I walked away from the project.

Sewing is fun, it’s a hobby and life is too short for me to use my time participating in sewing related events that brings me stress instead of joy. With that said, I really wish I could successfully participate in sewing related events, because of the results and it may take me out of my comfort zone.

Anyway, I like the concept of #make 9 and #use 9 and I will be using fabric from my stash and patterns from my stash. I will buy notions and lining if needed; except for fabric I will be buying to sew a gown for a formal event in May. More about that later.

My fabric and pattern stash is out of control and it began to overwhelm me instead of bringing me joy and enjoyment.  
I will never be able to sew up all the fabrics and patterns I own, so, with that realization I took charge of my fabrics and pattern stash. I started to evaluate the need for the fabric prior to purchase, I did the same with patterns. This lead to a decreased in fabric and pattern purchase from 100% to 20%.

Although my stash remains large the fact that my level of awareness was heightened brought me relief and some enjoyment because I know that this is going to be a slow process to decrease the amount of fabric I have. More on that later.


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year, Good Riddance 2017.

Happy New Year. I hope everyone had a great holiday with families and friends. For those who had a tough time during the holiday, I hope you found support and comfort to get you through the holidays.
2017 Year End Review:
2017 was a rough year for me. I blogged about it here.
My absolute favorite time of the year is Christmas.
Let's look at 2017
Craft projects I did in December
I saw a tutorial on You Tube by the Magnolia Wife; the pics below were the results. I used Xmas gift bags to achieve the results. I also posted about another project using the same tutorial here

I'm not sure if you can see the glitter on tray in the picture below. It was an inexpensive tray that I bought at AC Moore. I painted the images with glitter glue and added glitter dust (very fine translucent glitter) and the result was beautiful. Can you guess my holiday color theme? BLUEEEEE! I've done blue since 2014 and this year was the last year. I really love this color!

The Nativity Scene

The scene came painted, I re-painted each ceramic piece to suit my liking and decor. I painted the faces, and hands. Added vivid colors to some of the clothing, e.g the purple robe, copper metallic paint was added to Joseph's inner robe and baby Jesus blanket was painted a vibrant blue.
These are large ceramic pieces that takes time to paint. I will continue to tweak the colors until I am satisfied.

I posted about this outfit here

I posted about it here

As you know I love planners. I have been using consistently a planner ( journal, scrapbook, glue book)  since 1986. I've posted on this blog and on Facebook regarding my planner spread.

As they say "save the best for last"
My TNT pants
This was a major, major accomplishment for me.

January 2018 has arrived.
I don’t have sewing plans for 2018; however, there are two specific sewing related things that I am going to do this year:
1. I must make a gown for my daughter to wear to a formal event in May. More about that later.
2    2. Sew, donate or trash all UFO. No more UFOs in my sewing space.      

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Holiday Decor

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love to decorate my home with items that I make. Years ago I bought tons of decorating magazines to look for inspiration and to provide ideas to decorate my home.
You Tube has become my go to for inspiration and ideas.  This holiday season I was inspired by The Magnolia Housewife. I appreciate the time she takes to share her projects.

Below are four canvases that I painted. I bought four gifts bags, painted the image and the canvas. I wanted something that reminded me of my kids when they were little (adults now). I love the results.


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sewn Magazine

I got my first copy of Sewn Magazine on Monday. Ohhhlalalala! what a treat it is.
In my dictionary (LOL) the synonyms for Sewn are: classic, traditional with a modern flare, contemporary, ethnic, stylish, vintage with an urban flare.
There is something for everyone. The first issue of Sewn appears to be a breath of fresh air in the craft magazines arena that reflects the diverse world that we live in.
Disclaimer: the above is my opinion based on the review of the magazine. I was not asked nor did I receive any compensation for the above review.

Monday, November 27, 2017

December- Layout

Wow!in exactly 34 days 2017 will be exiting and 2018 will be arriving. Below is the December layout in my planner. Enjoy!