Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year and 2018 Review.

2019 is here and I wish all of you who take the time to read my blog, good health, peace and happiness to you and yours. 

Here is my 2018 review:

Fabric and Pattern:
1.     2018 was a success. I did not purchase any patterns and I only spent 5% on fabrics. To date I’ve reduced my spending from 100% to 95%.

Successful Sewing & Non- Sewing Plans. I sewed the following:
1.     5 skirts
2.     five pillows (2- thanksgiving and 3- Christmas).
3.     three blouses
4.      spring ball gown
5.     Others-
a)     I completed a glue book. More about that in 2019.
b)    I completed my 2018 December daily journal on 12/30/2018.
c)     I re-discovered my love of crochet. More about that in 2019
d)    I worked on the Xmas quilt
e)     I went out my comfort zone this year by attending several events with non-sewing friends
f)      Went to a Marc Anthony concert- awesome
g)    Went on ladies road/shopping trip
h)    Listened to 3 Nora Roberts’ books on cd
i)       Did a few home dec projects that I did not post on the blog.
j)       I started a small business that started off great and I ended the year successfully.
k)    Organization: I maintain the areas around my home and in my craft/sewing space that was organized in 2017. In 2018 I cluttered a part of my basement that had crafting/sewing related paper stuff that I have not looked at in five years. More about that in 2019.
l)       One of my goals that I did not post was to blog once a month. I was successful from January to October. I got so busy in November and December that I did not have the time to blog.
m)  I spent a day with each one of my 82 and 86-year-old aunts in November; OMG! What an honor and a blessing it was.
n)    Last, but not least, my son graduated from college last June.

Unsuccessful Plans:
1.       Coats, Jackets, or Vest- failed.
2.       Dress or dresses- failed
3.     UFO- failed.

2018 exceeded my expectations; it was a successful year. And even though I did not achieve all my sewing plans, it was a successful year in so many other areas of my life.
I am grateful for all the blessing bestowed on me and my family and I am looking forward to 2019. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Home Dec- Inspiration vs Interpretation

Inspiration: I saw this image here and I immediately knew where in my home I could re-create something similar.

Interpretation: here is my take. The pillows are placemats I purchased in the dollar store last year with the intention of making decorative pillows. The large pillow I open one of the seam, remove the stuffing from an old pillow, stuff the placemat and hand stitch the opening close.  The smaller pillow was made with two placemats. I cut the edges off, sewed up the edges, left an opening  and stuff it with an old pillow I had.


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Home Dec Project & Fall Decor.

In the latter part of September I re-painted (chalk paint) the dinning room buffet server and a dresser that my daughter did not want. I am almost done, I'm in the process of adding a dark wax to the furniture as the last step in a 3-step process ( paint, sealed and wax). See the results below:


Saturday, September 15, 2018

Fabric and Patterns

Next week Vogue patterns go on sale for 5.99 at JoAnn. The patterns went from 3.99, 4.99 and 5.99 effective September 23.  I don’t like the fact JoAnn, or the pattern company is slowly raising the prices of the big four patterns. Two weeks ago, McCall’s patterns were half price. The patterns were not 1.99 or five for 10.00, they were half price? What does that mean?   

When Vogue patterns went from 3.99 to 4.99 it made me pause, and as a result I started my secret revolt. I decided not to buy Vogue patterns for six months. At the end of six months I decided to limit my purchase to 4 pattern per sale. In the last 3-years I’ve purchase maybe 5.
The increased in the price of Vogue patterns came at a time when I began to evaluate:
a)     My humongous collection of patterns and fabrics
b)      The fact that I was spending lots of money on fabrics and patterns
c)      I was not sewing consistently
d)      And I was overwhelmed and stressed by the humongous amount of sewing related stuff I owned.

I don’t care how much JoAnn raised the price of their patterns; I’ve taken control of my pattern stash including but not limited to the big four, Burda, new look, European patterns, Lutterloh patterns  and tons of free patterns I got from the internet and Pinterest.

Does it mean that I will never buy a pattern again? Absolutely NOT. It means that I won’t shop willy-nilly and I’ve taken control of my pattern and fabric stash.

For the newbies, I recommend investing in:
a)       Basic patterns and that can be franken pattern into other designs to save money.
b)      Check Pinterest and the internet for free patterns.
c)      Keep in mind that sewing takes patience and time.

I started my journey three years ago and I reduced my spending from 100% to 10%.   I am proud to say that as of this month (September) I’m still spending less than 10%.

For additional chatter regarding the increase in the price of patterns at JoAnn check here at the pattern review website.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday Night Shenanigan- Hexagon Quilt

In my last post I indicated that my goal was to finish the Hexagon Quilt by the end of the year. Nope, it is not happening, because, the quilt is not even half way done. So, as I prepare the hexagons by cutting small pieces of fabric I am enjoying a cup of coffee and listening to a podcast. Hmmmm... I think I am going to have a glass of Sangria. How about you?


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Hexagon Quilt

I found a link on YouTube here regarding Jackie Willis hexagon patchwork book. In the video she shows a bit of the inside of the book.


Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Christmas Quilt- English Paper Piecing

My love affair with the Xmas quilt started in 2008 when I purchased Jackie Willis’ book after watching a video on You Tube.

I wrote a post about the quilt in here and here in 2012 and in 2014 here. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the quilt in 2013 before it disappeared. Suffice to say it was three times the size of the November 2014 photo.

I started a new quilt in 2014 and the disappointment of  not knowing what happened to the first quilt was too much so, I put it away. 
Then, suddenly  last month my interest in the quilt was renewed and I started working on the quilt again. I am enjoying working on the quilt. My goal is to complete before the Xmas holidays.  I am working slowly and steadily.
                                                        August 3, 2018

                  July 6, 2014

                                                                            November 2012

                                                                                        August 4, 2012                                   



Happy New Year and 2018 Review.