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My daughter's skirts

Shahidah's gray skirt is done. The fabric was was similar in feel to crepe, very soft. A soft cotton was used as lining. The lining provided body and warmth. Stay tape was added to the waist to keep it from stretching and a self lined waistband was attached. The front has a side seam and buttons down the front of the skirt. Shahidah likes her skirts long.

The plaid skirt was made out of a beautiful red wool. The color is earthy and vibrant. This fabric was a gift from my coworker. I know there are many ways to shrink fabrics. My preferred method is washing and then letting the fabric dry on a rack. Once the fabric was almost dry, Shahidah steam press the wool. the feel and texture of this wool is beautiful. The skirt is a simple straight skirt with two darts in the front and back. The skirt was hand basted before I sewed the seams, to ensure that the plaid will lined up. The zipper was sewn in by hand, this was the first time i hand sewed a zipper. The fabric responded beautifully.…

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year


Merry Xmas to all and a Joyous, Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year.

Well, my home is decorated, my friends and family had Xmas eve dinner last night. We had a fabulous time. This morning my family and i exchanged gift and now i am going to sleep and spend the day watching TV with my hubby.

I am hoping to get back to sewing once i recuperate from all the cleaning, decorating and cooking........

Xmas and Sewing

Well, Xmas is near. I am working very hard to get all the decorations up, finish xmas shopping and get xmas eve dinner ready. My goal is to complete 4 skirts over the xmas holiday to finish the first phase of my swap.

My daughter has decided that she wants me to swap for her. I need more timeeeeeeeeeeeee

Swap and the gift of fabrics

A few months ago, my co-worker's husband mom, moved in with them after living in her home for 30 years. My co-worker affectionately called her "Mom". She is one of us. A wonderful sewer who created beautiful masterpieces. Just imagine if the Internet was available when Mom was sewing. Mom no longer sews, and this morning my co-worker gave me some of mom's fabrics.This was an honor (although i would have like to be the first one in line for the goodies (LOL) ). I never met mom, however; just looking at her fabrics i can tell that she sewed beautiful clothes and she is a lady of style. The fabric gift bag had knits, wools, jersey knits, linens and a precious piece of green Ultrasuede. Here are the photos:

Take a look at this, these fabrics will fit nicely into my current swap- black and white.

This fabric is a knit. It has dark brown and silver stripes, its beautiful

This one is similar in feel to a jersey knit. Take a look at the geometric design, beautiful, black, white…

Sewing With A Plan

Hello: here is the wrong side of my black skirt. In the previous post, i wrote about using an unconventional fabric to lined my black skirt. Here is the front of the skirt. Its a little sideways, oh well..

and here is the back view of the skirt. Nylon is very slippery, however it worked great for this skirt.

Back to sewing. I have two more skirts to sew to complete phase 1. Since this is my swap, i am planning to make a total of 6 skirts. I have 2- black jackets and 1 gray jacket and plenty of sweaters. What i really need is skirts and slacks. Ohhhhh slacks, that's a challenge for me.

Sewing With Plan

Here is skirt #2- a simple black skirt made out suiting fabric. I bought the fabric five years ago. Skirt #1 and #2 were made using the same technique I described in my previous post, except that i used an unconventional material for the lining, nylon curtain panels that i had store among my fabric collection. I was inspired to use this unconventional material for two reasons: first, i joined a sewing chat group last week and one of the ladies is the moderator for a project " recycling old clothes into something new". This is where i got my idea to reuse this unconventional material as a lining. Second, the black fabrics has a beautiful feel and it really did not need a lining, however i feel that lining a skirt (depending on the type of fabric) takes your sewing to the next level and it gives it a couture feel. The result was great. I gave me the comfort i wanted and the unconventional lining fabrics did not change the feel, weight or look of the fabric.

I am going to take …

Sewing With A Plan

Five years ago I read an article (sewing with a plan) written by Judy Culshaw from Timmel fabrics. Last summer I bought a copy of stitches magazine at Borders’ book store. There it was another article about sewing with a plan in my favorite colors black and white. All of a sudden I remembered Judy Culshaw’s article and went to her website and to my surprise the sewing community has embrace the concept of SWAP.

I found so many wonderful blogs and sewers whom were participating in SWAPs and documenting their progress. I decided that I would never sew or buy orphan clothing anymore, everything had to fit into a plan.

I gained 25 pounds over a five year period and I decided to loose the weight in May 2006. So far I lost 20 pounds and I am 3 sizes smaller.
I am giving myself a new wardrobe for my effort. Loosing the weight has improved my overall feeling of well being.

The internet sewing family has inspired me to get back into the sewing arena. I spent the past five months re-organizing my se…

Returing to Blogger

Well, i moved my blog from here to verizon, only to find out that the space they give is very limited. Of course you can increase the space for a price.

I am not computer savvy enough, I am learning. So I am back.

Sewing- The last time I sewed

The last time i sewed clothing was in 2002. In 1999 i started making quilts and it became an obsession. I made quilts exclusively from 1999 until 2005.

In 2000 I cut out 12 linen skirts (elastic waist). I sewed 6 and the other 6 were left unfinished because the summer was over and I moved on to another project.

In 2001 i sewed slipcovers for my living room furniture and i made window blinds for all the windows in my home.

In 2002, I gained weight gain none of my clothes fit and I sewed four linen skirts(elastic waist) because I had nothing to wear.

I stopped sewing from 2002 until this year 2007, i made window treatments for my living room window. Although i stopped sewing clothes i continued to purchase my favorites sewing and fashion magazines and kept up with what's going on in the sewing world.

This past spring while surfing the Internet i stumble on Erica'B blog and i she became my inspiration to start sewing clothing for myself again. There are so many great sewing blogs on t…

sewing- customizing your sewing patterns

I posted a review at pattern
Hello: I just posted a review of this book on pattern This book will be a great addition to your sewing library. I owned many, many sewing books, cooking books, quilting books and the list goes onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Hello: I posted a review of this magazine on pattern I like the idea of creating 11 garments from one pattern. The straight skirt is a must for this fall, I love the way the blouse pattern was re-worked to create three different versions including a cowl neck blouse which is a throw back from the 70's. I am not crazy about the style of the 3 perfect pants. The styles don't work for me because my hips are wide, however the techniques used to add details or changes are great. Taking the jacket pattern and re-working it to make a coat, jacket or dress is a great idea.

Vacation, Swap Contest & Future Project

Hello: well i was on vacation, i bought lots of black & white fabrics, and 3 rulers ( two with the hip curve and a T-square). I read several sewing articles while i was on vacation.

I spent most of this week resting and unpacking.

I am also in the middle of a big remodeling project that started around the middle of June. I am hoping that the project will be completed by the end of October although i truly believe it will probably be in November.

I followed pattern review swap contest and i must say Ericka's wardrobe was the best so she got my vote and guess what 157 members of PR agreed with me. So guess who won the contest?
I would like to enter a swap contest in 2008.

I believe i mentioned in the past that i had created several binders and i was storing information i collected from magazines and other sources. I am in the process of completing this project, although it will always be work in progress.

My next project is going to be either to created a duct tape dress form or purch…

Paul Poiret's at The METS in New York

I just got home. My daughter and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see Paul Poiret's exhibition. The gowns and coats are beautiful. The workmanship and design were spectacular in fact most of his designs are in vogue today. If you can, go visit the ME TS to view his design. Truly there are master pieces. Of course i bought a book about his work and i also bought another book with hundreds of art deco fashion. Beautiful dresses. Oh well, i have a great day in New York City,

Shopping & organizing

Hello: Well i am still working on organizing my binders and magazines articles. I bought fabrics today and last Tuesday. I just could not resist. Today i bought a very graphic black and white fabric. I saw a dress in a boutique last weekend. The dress was made out of a graphic black and white fabric, absolutely beautifull. So hopefully i will be able to start sewing soon.
I also bought two sewing cd's from pattern review on Tuesday. I cannot remember the names, i will let you know when the cd arrive. That's all for now.

Getting Organize

Hello: i have collected many sewing and fashion magazines over the years. In 2002 i removed all the articles that caught my interest from the magazines and organized them in binders. Each binder has a name and an index. I also started a fabric binder. I cut either a 3x3 or 4x4 piece of every fabric i owned and store it in the fabric binder. I use acid free paper and tape i bought in an office supply store. This way i don't have to go through boxes to find a particular fabric. I store my fabrics in boxes that are lined with foil paper. All my fabrics are divided into categories such as: black & white, ethnic, stripes & plaids, dark colors, flannels, etc. My fabric binder is labeled in the exact same way. I saw a program with Martha Stewart a few years ago. She had one of the curators from the metropolitan museumof art in New York on the program. The curator showed the viewers how to preserve fabrics, clothing, linen etc. Lining a box with foil paper was one of the many wa…

New to bloggin

Hello Friends- I just created my blog. I visited patternreview and was able to read many of your blogs. I have been sewing on/off for the past 30 years. Six years ago i took a fifting and alteration class and it was the best thing i did for my sewing. I just finished making window treatments for my living room. The total cost was $50.00 for panels fully lined. Here are the photos