Saturday, July 7, 2007

Getting Organize

Hello: i have collected many sewing and fashion magazines over the years. In 2002 i removed all the articles that caught my interest from the magazines and organized them in binders. Each binder has a name and an index. I also started a fabric binder. I cut either a 3x3 or 4x4 piece of every fabric i owned and store it in the fabric binder. I use acid free paper and tape i bought in an office supply store. This way i don't have to go through boxes to find a particular fabric. I store my fabrics in boxes that are lined with foil paper. All my fabrics are divided into categories such as: black & white, ethnic, stripes & plaids, dark colors, flannels, etc. My fabric binder is labeled in the exact same way. I saw a program with Martha Stewart a few years ago. She had one of the curators from the metropolitan museum of art in New York on the program. The curator showed the viewers how to preserve fabrics, clothing, linen etc. Lining a box with foil paper was one of the many ways you can preserve your fabrics when its stored in boxes. Well, I went on a diet one year go and i lost 15 pounds. I have to alter most of my clothes . So i am planning to start next week. I am going to finish organizing my sewing binder and i am planning to make a dress form out of duct tape, then let the sewing begin. Will keep you posted. Oh one las thing, most of my ideas i read it in threads magazine or sew news magazine.

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