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Sewing- The last time I sewed

The last time i sewed clothing was in 2002. In 1999 i started making quilts and it became an obsession. I made quilts exclusively from 1999 until 2005.

In 2000 I cut out 12 linen skirts (elastic waist). I sewed 6 and the other 6 were left unfinished because the summer was over and I moved on to another project.

In 2001 i sewed slipcovers for my living room furniture and i made window blinds for all the windows in my home.

In 2002, I gained weight gain none of my clothes fit and I sewed four linen skirts(elastic waist) because I had nothing to wear.

I stopped sewing from 2002 until this year 2007, i made window treatments for my living room window. Although i stopped sewing clothes i continued to purchase my favorites sewing and fashion magazines and kept up with what's going on in the sewing world.

This past spring while surfing the Internet i stumble on Erica'B blog and i she became my inspiration to start sewing clothing for myself again. There are so many great sewing blogs on t…

sewing- customizing your sewing patterns

I posted a review at pattern