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Sewing With A Plan

Five years ago I read an article (sewing with a plan) written by Judy Culshaw from Timmel fabrics. Last summer I bought a copy of stitches magazine at Borders’ book store. There it was another article about sewing with a plan in my favorite colors black and white. All of a sudden I remembered Judy Culshaw’s article and went to her website and to my surprise the sewing community has embrace the concept of SWAP.

I found so many wonderful blogs and sewers whom were participating in SWAPs and documenting their progress. I decided that I would never sew or buy orphan clothing anymore, everything had to fit into a plan.

I gained 25 pounds over a five year period and I decided to loose the weight in May 2006. So far I lost 20 pounds and I am 3 sizes smaller.
I am giving myself a new wardrobe for my effort. Loosing the weight has improved my overall feeling of well being.

The internet sewing family has inspired me to get back into the sewing arena. I spent the past five months re-organizing my se…

Returing to Blogger

Well, i moved my blog from here to verizon, only to find out that the space they give is very limited. Of course you can increase the space for a price.

I am not computer savvy enough, I am learning. So I am back.