Sunday, December 30, 2007

My daughter's skirts

Shahidah's gray skirt is done. The fabric was was similar in feel to crepe, very soft. A soft cotton was used as lining. The lining provided body and warmth. Stay tape was added to the waist to keep it from stretching and a self lined waistband was attached. The front has a side seam and buttons down the front of the skirt. Shahidah likes her skirts long.

The plaid skirt was made out of a beautiful red wool. The color is earthy and vibrant. This fabric was a gift from my coworker. I know there are many ways to shrink fabrics. My preferred method is washing and then letting the fabric dry on a rack. Once the fabric was almost dry, Shahidah steam press the wool. the feel and texture of this wool is beautiful. The skirt is a simple straight skirt with two darts in the front and back. The skirt was hand basted before I sewed the seams, to ensure that the plaid will lined up. The zipper was sewn in by hand, this was the first time i hand sewed a zipper. The fabric responded beautifully. The lining is black cotton batiste. It is almost done, I will be attaching the waistband and hemming the skirt.

I drafted a basic skirt sloper for Shahidah and from this sloper I made the skirts. Now I have a lot more sewing to do. I put together window treatments for the kitchen, dining room and family room. I used pins to hold the treatments together and hung them up, except for the family room. I sewed the curtains. Will be posting those pictures soon.

Now, I am planning to get some sewing done tomorrow and New Year's Day. Oh one more thing I am working on my sewing New Year Resolutions

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Jada said...

Those skirts are cute!!

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