Friday, January 11, 2008

Comments About My New Year Resolutions

Hello: Thank you Nancy and Paco for stopping by. Paco thanks for the advice, i will keep it in mind. Now, Paco if only my sewing was as exquisite as yours. Oh well, I can only hopeeeeee.

Thanks again for stopping by

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Cennetta said...

Alethia, Thanks for the compliment and the shoe suggestion. The Cadena magazine/catalog is sold at Fishman's Fabrics in Chicago. They were sold out the week after Christmas, but they expect the new issue in February. I asked them to give me a call when it arrives. In the store, there is catalog of fabric swatches for the garments pictured in the mag. You can place an order at Fishman. The Cadena fabric house is very up scale; fabric ranging from $50 per yard to way up there. I'm just a spectator. I can let you know when it comes in.

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