Sunday, January 20, 2008

Swap- Skirt #3, mystery solve

This is what happens when you don't read the pattern instructions. I stopped reading the instructions that comes with the pattern probably 4-5 years ago. Thread magazine had an article " Take the training wheels off your sewing machine". Basically, it encourage the sewer to sew a pattern without looking at the instructions that come with it. I never read another pattern instruction sheet. Beside I have an extensive sewing library, who needs to read those instructions. Well, I will be reading the pattern instructions if its a garment or a design that's new to me.

After reading the pattern sheet of Simplicity 7097 ( pattern may be out of print) I realized that the instruction were well written and if i had read the instructions i would have realize that the flounce was applied to the front & back skirt before sewing the side seam. The skirt has an asymmetrical seam and the seam angles out at 45 degree
I sewed the right side seam of the flounce with a straight seam instead of a 45 degree angle of slanted seam, that is why it has that droop and bubble at the end. I feel somewhat better, since i know whar went wrong.

I spent a lot of time on that skirt, I added black pipping to the skirt and it really brought the skirt to life. I don't have enought fabric left to cut out another flounce. Oh well, i don't feel like spending any more time right now.

Skirt #4 is almost done. I have to put the self facing waist and and do the hem.

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