Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Swap- Skirt #4

Skirt #4 is done, it's not black, it is dark navy blue, it will work with my black & white swap. Here is a view of the back of the skirt. Sorry about the wrinkles in the back of the skirt, i decided to sit down while I waited for my photographer extraordinaire .

Below is a side and front view of the skirt. The skirt was made out of suiting fabric from my stash. It feels like velour, but is probable cotton with a % of polyester and spandex, because it has a little bit of a stretch.

I am planning to wear this outfit tomorrow to go to work, with neutral color stockings and boots, because it is very colddddddddddddddd here in the northeast

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Cennetta said...

I like. That fabric sounds wonderful. You really helping get in gear I need to finishing up the "Fall" collection.

Happy Sewing and try to stay warm!

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