Sunday, February 17, 2008

A blouse for my daughter

I am getting ready to work on this pattern. The fabric looks blue, however it is purple. Is cotton with polyester or rayon. It is from my extensive collection of fabrics. I am using a size K5 ( 8-16)Right now I am working on checking the pattern for alteration. I am using the Zapp Method of Couture Sewing as one of my referance guide. I started by tracing the pattern onto wax paper. I have so much wax paper I don't know what else to use it for. I check the lenght and added about 5 inches. My daughter wasnts it below her full hips. Next i check the neckline, shoulder seam, shoulder to shoulder, back, bust, high and low waist, hip. She is a size 8 in her shoulder lenght and shoulder to shoulder measurement, everything else she is basically a size 16. Her bust point on the pattern seems to be ok, but when i pin fit the pattern her bust point seems to be higher. The bust darts are off and need correction. Will post more when i done with the muslin


Lisa H. said...

I like that pattern.Can't wait to see your version.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Alethia.- veo que tienes aprovechamiento de una de tus telas. Me encantan los "lunares", creo que en inglés se llaman "polka" o algo así no?. La blusa es preciosa con el pechero de estilo "tuxedo".... Un abrazo desde España querida amiga. Paco

Mariela Alethia said...

Thank you both for your comment. I just finished working out the alteration needed. Will post when i am done.

Grcias Paco, effectivamente las tela es "polka dots" tengo una variedad de polka dots en differentes colores y a mi hija le facina.

Cennetta said...

I have this one too. Look forward to seeing your creation.

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