Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I know i wrote in my previous post that i was going to take a break from my sloper. However, i decided to hand baste it and give it another try and what do you know, i think i got it. I need to make minor adjustments such as adding another3/4-inch seam allowance to the back, since i used 3/4 inch of the 1 inch seam allowance. My swayback literaly used up that seam allownce in addition to my upper back. Mmmmm, that's a change. I did a basic shell (full dress) in 2001, but it is too large due to a 20 pounds weight loss. Anyway here is the result of more fine tuning.


BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Alethia.- Sorprendente resultado. Pienso que está Un abrazo desde Barcelona, Paco

Cennetta said...

Great progress on your sloper.

Please send me a note re: the trip to NY

Evelyn said...

Kassmin, you have done a great job with the sloper. Are you getting any help with this? It looks good overall, but the front darts are to high.

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