Friday, February 8, 2008


Thank you Cenetta, Paco and Sew Love for your comments.

Paco, much love to you and thank for your suggestions.
Cenetta, Thank you for your word of encouragement.
Sew Love, thank you for your comment. You are absolutely right, the front darts are too high, I am going to lower it by 1-inch. As far as getting any help, the only help i have is the advice of internet bloggers like you and Paco. Also last September I took a pattern drafting class and i learned to draft a basic bodice and skirt. I also took a fitting class in 2001. This class taught me how to fit a basic fitting pattern. So i am using my sewing experience, advice, and sewing books and internet articles about fitting.

Although fitting a basic bodice shell is time consuming to get it right, especially when you have a swayback and sloping shoulders its worth the effort because i can then draft other styles from this basic sloper or i can use the sloper to do quick alterations on commercial patterns.

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Cennetta said...

My pleasure. It's really wonderful to be a part of this huge community of creative talented people. I love it. You and others inspire me to try different methods or techniques. Someday I want to take a pattern drafting course.

Happy sewing!

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