Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A blouse for my daughter part 3- Simplicity 3684

Work in progress. From the line drawing it appears to be a very simple and easy to sew pattern. However, for someone who has a narrow upper back, a deep swayback, small upper bust, full busted,small waist and lots of hips, this pattern is a challenge to get the fit right. I have an extensive sewing library, and the books that was the most helpful was "The Perfect Fit, The Zapp Mehtod of Couture and the Bishop Method of Sewing". When it came to making a swayback corrections, none of the suggestion giving help me. In fact i made 5 muslins until, i saw a burda blouse that was very similar to simplicity 3684, on a blog ( sorry i don't remember the blogger's name). The center back had a seam line and from the pictures i could tell that the sewer had a swayback. So,I made changes to the center back. The center was cut on the fold, i redrafted the pattern and cut a seam line down the middle. This is how i was able to correct her swayback. I also made a change in the fron, I eliminated the extra piece that was attached to the front edge. Unfortunately you cannot see the curve seam line ( bib detail). Here my dress form is loopsided. Hopefully the blouse will be completed on my next post


Adrienne said...

Can't wait to see the blouse!!

LauraLo said...

This looks so nice already! I'm in love with polka dots. Looking forward to seeing the finished blouse!

Mariela Alethia said...

Thanks adrienne and lauralo, i have not finished the blouse. Hopefully in next two weeks.

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