Friday, April 11, 2008

The Excellent Award

themahoganystylist nominated me for this award. Thank you Ms. Cenetta . Your nomination means so much and it is an honor to receive this recognition from such a talented sewist! Honestly they are so many talented sewers in blog world. I planned to write about them at another time. I must nominate 10 more.

Here are my 10 nominations:

thatssewlive- I nominated this blog because of her sense of style and her infectious sense of humor . I enjoy seeing her choice of fabric and the result of her creation.Most importantly is the fact that sewing is part of her heritage and she is carrying the art forward.

krustallos1-From the first time i read her blog i felt a sense of kinship. Her garments are simple,and they fit nicely. I especially love the praise dance dress she made. I think that was beautifully executed. I enjoy the fact that she plans to SWAP and complete the task.

tessuti- This stores has beautiful fabrics. Colette garments are pretty and well fitted. Her blouses and dresses have a modern, retro, Victorian and romantic feel. She tends to share other bloggers version of her creations with a similar feel or a twist. Very Inspiring

crazedsewer- Melody - I like her “for-real” attitude about her sewing and everything else she talks about on her blog. Her garments fit nicely and most of all I enjoy her ” fantasy collection” of patterns. I just love it!

hongkongshopper.- Vicki has been working on a blouse shell. I was working on mine around the same time.
As I read her blog I realize that we both felt the same way.
My sewing feelings were bruise because i was not happy with fit of my blouse shell after making 6-8 muslin.
From reading Vicki's blog i sensed that she felt the same way.
This led me to go and do a bit of research, and now i know where i need to make the corrections. I am ready to star again.
Vicki, also did some research and her last post her blouse shell looks great. Reading Vicki’s blog help me realize that sewing sometimes is challenging. Thank you Vicki.
jackie - Her blog is down-to earth and for realllllllllllllll

trinilove- love her sense of style. Everything she makes, fits nicely. Her dedication is inspiring

anothercreation - I enjoy reading this blog, especially when the posting is about "sewing for her daughter".

adriennes - This blog has a little of everything. Kids, recipes, knitting, sewing, pod cast.

domestichaven- Mimi - The sewing Gods bestowed upon Mimi the gift of pattern drafting. When you are able to draft a pattern, fit often times is not a challenge.

There are so many other blogs i would like to nominate, but if i did i will probably take the weekend to write about each. Instead, i plan to come with a way of celebrating all my favorites bloggers. My one-year anniversary is coming. I will come up with my own award system for all my favorite bloggers.


Adrienne said...

How flattering! Thanks!!

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