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Very Easy Pants

Butterick 5044 a great beginner pattern that is quick and Easy

This was so easy. From start to finish including pressing was approximately 1 hour. The time excludes cutting out the pattern and making alteration. The only alteration I did to shorten the crotch depth.This is a keeper and a great beginner project

Butterick 5044- Easy Pants

I bought this pattern last week. It consist of 1 main pattern piece. I made a muslin and I am satisfied with the fit in the back.The pant has an elastic waist.
I took in a 1/2 inch in the front and 1/2 at the inner seam to take some of the fullness out of the pant leg. I have fabrics in my collection that i can use. I decided on a grey broadcloth. This fabrics has been in my collection for at lease 10 years. I don't have enough to get a full lenght pant. More about this tomorrow.

Simplicity 2965

In my previous post i wrote about not having enough time to sew. After completing a time study i found out why?
Since then, i made a decision to decrease the time i spend on E-bay by 75%, stop buying patterns at Jo-Ann even if they are on sale ( except when the sale is 10 patterns for $ 10.00). I am happy to report that i visited E-bay only once this week and read blogs twice this week.

Here are the results:
Simplicity 2965

Not Enough Time to Sew

I am feeling very blue right now. WHY? not enough time to sew. Why I don't have enough time to sew?

Well, I decided to do a time study to see why and here are results:

1. I spent most of my free time on E-bay, buying patterns and magazines at Jo-Ann, reading you guys blogs and surfing the Internet

2. I am overwhelmed by the large number of unfinished projects I have sitting around

3. I sew for my home; my daughter; and myself. In addition I love to sew quilts and i just don't have the time to do it all

4. I have a full time job that requires a 2-hour ( beack & forth) commute to the office. Thank God I am only required to be in the office for report writing and meetings. However, there are times when I must be in the office for a week.

What can I do to make my free time more productive?

Well for starters I need to:
1. Drastically cut back on the time i spend on E-bay , surfing the Internet ( except for reading you guys blogs)and at Jo-Ann Fabrics
2. Monitor my time so that I c…

Kitchen Curtains

Done. Kitchen curtains

No Sewing and Ramblings

I visited monkeyroom's blog last month, and she wrote about "SABLE". It was the first time i came across that term and the article was sooo on target for the following reasons:

1. I will never be able to sew all the fabric I owned.

2. I bought each fabric for a particular project; however, somehow I was unrealistic about the time and effort I will have to invest in order to complete the project

3. I am a perfectionist, I know how garments should fit and I refused to settle. That is a major problem because I take way too much time than I should to complete a project.

4. Part of my stash has become dated and I refused to divorce myself from my dated or rather vintage stash. LOL

5. Sometimes I become anxious because of UFO, and not having enough time to sew.

6. My extensive pattern collection is overwhelming. This year I added Burda patterns to the collection. P.S. I have a list of the new McCalls and Simplicity patterns I am going to buy when they go on sale at Jo-Ann next we…