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No Sewing and Ramblings

I visited monkeyroom's blog last month, and she wrote about "SABLE". It was the first time i came across that term and the article was sooo on target for the following reasons:

1. I will never be able to sew all the fabric I owned.

2. I bought each fabric for a particular project; however, somehow I was unrealistic about the time and effort I will have to invest in order to complete the project

3. I am a perfectionist, I know how garments should fit and I refused to settle. That is a major problem because I take way too much time than I should to complete a project.

4. Part of my stash has become dated and I refused to divorce myself from my dated or rather vintage stash. LOL

5. Sometimes I become anxious because of UFO, and not having enough time to sew.

6. My extensive pattern collection is overwhelming. This year I added Burda patterns to the collection. P.S. I have a list of the new McCalls and Simplicity patterns I am going to buy when they go on sale at Jo-Ann next week. LOL

7. Yes, indeed she gave me a lot to think about

More Ramblings
I visited monkeyroom's blog today and I was surprised to see that both of us spent our time organizing our patterns. Mmmm telepathy?

Threads magazine published an article maybe 3-years ago regarding how to organize your patterns.
The instructions were as follow:
1. Remove the pattern from the envelope and place it into a yellow mailing envelope

2. Write the pattern number and the company on the yellow envelope and file each envelope by the number and Pattern Company

3. The original pattern envelope was place inside a clear sheet protector and store in a large binder. My patterns are store by categories such as: blouse, skirts, slacks, jackets, sportswear, coordinates, semi-formal etc.

This makes finding a particular pattern very easy.

Two years ago hubby gave me a digital camera with a printer for Xmas and last year I bought a laptop.

Technology has invaded my sewing room. I scanned and printed all the patterns I bought in the last 2 months. Then I filed the patterns by number and Pattern Company. The patterns were left in their envelope and the printed copies were store in a new binder. I think I like this system better because the binder is not bulky.

Moving forward as I used the old patterns I will scan and print the pattern and return the pattern pieces to their original envelope. This will take less space in the file box and I can recycle the envelopes for another use.

I will post pictures on the next post


Cennetta said…
I suffer from the same illness as you. lol I am a SABLE. I have way too much of a lot of sewing related things. This morning I started coming through my inspiration folder and notes from current/recent projects.

Your previous method of organizing your patterns is the same as mine. But I started making copies of the pattern envelops about a year ago to re-organize my patterns using the new method mentioned in your post. Someday I'll get it done. I don't know about you, but I can spent hours on a small organizing projects.

Happy Organizing!

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