Monday, May 19, 2008

Not Enough Time to Sew

I am feeling very blue right now. WHY? not enough time to sew. Why I don't have enough time to sew?

Well, I decided to do a time study to see why and here are results:

1. I spent most of my free time on E-bay, buying patterns and magazines at Jo-Ann, reading you guys blogs and surfing the Internet

2. I am overwhelmed by the large number of unfinished projects I have sitting around

3. I sew for my home; my daughter; and myself. In addition I love to sew quilts and i just don't have the time to do it all

4. I have a full time job that requires a 2-hour ( beack & forth) commute to the office. Thank God I am only required to be in the office for report writing and meetings. However, there are times when I must be in the office for a week.

What can I do to make my free time more productive?

Well for starters I need to:
1. Drastically cut back on the time i spend on E-bay , surfing the Internet ( except for reading you guys blogs)and at Jo-Ann Fabrics
2. Monitor my time so that I can set realistic goals and deadlines
3. Plan my sewing in blocks of time, instead of waiting for a large chunk of time

The moral of the lesson: The responsibility of a job and family life can become overwhelming at times. Therefore, its better to plan and sew in small increments of time. Some sewing is better than "NO" sewing. What is your opinion?


Adrienne said...

I think you have a good plan!!!!!!

When I was working full time, trying to manage my three kids, their various activities, and my home it did become overwhelming at times.

I had to MAKE time to sew, scrapbook or knit. I have always lived by a schedule and once the kids were in bed (when hubby was on night shift) that was my scrapbooking, knitting, sewing or cutting out patterns and fabric time.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Ohhh. Alethia.- menos e-bay y más costura......jjjjj. Te doy un fuerte abrazo con todo mi cariño. Buena semana. Paco

Cennetta said...

I'm facing the same trouble. When I spend time catching up on reading blogs, I loss some of the little time I have to sew. I try not to surf the net and shop too much, but it's hard to resist sometimes. Only minutes ago I was looking at all the projects that I have going trying to feature out how to squeeze some time in tomorrow to sew. This afternoon I had planned to sew at least an hour when I got home, but it did not happen.

Good luck on your strategy to get some sewing done.


Mariela Alethia said...

Thank you for your comments. Well i manage to keep a time tract of my time this week and i did cut back by 75% of the time i spend on e-bay and surfing the web. Thats a good start

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