Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Thank you for your well wishes. To Cenetta, Erlisa, Carolyn & Paco a big hug. I was incapacitated for since the first week in July. I worked on a Pant muslin in May and here is the result

I started a Black & White swap last fall and i sewed 4-skirts (2-black, 1-leopard print and 1-navy blue). That was phase 1. In phase 2 I am planning to sew 4-black pants. I need to work on my pants pattern a little more.

The great coat sew a long, my goal is to start and finish my muslin over the Labor Day weekend.

Last, but not lease, i did not do any sewing during the time i was ill; however i visited E-Bay and kept up with everyone' s blog. I bought quite a few vintage patterns. I could not help myself Ms.Carolyn is to blame.LOLLLLLLLL.

Anyway i will post pictures at another time. I am going on a very strict pattern diet. No more shopping for patterns, except its absolutely necessaryyyyyyyyy. LOLLLLLLLLL

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