Saturday, August 23, 2008

Project Runway Australia

She is goneeeeeee, that witch was eliminated in episode 7 of project runway Australia.

I cannot remember the name of the blog that introduce project runway Australia,sorryyyy. Anyway, i have been watching it on You-Tube once a week.

Cidell wrote about this designer that change her model because " she had too much bootee and a swayback". Well, when i read that I went to You-Tube and watch that episode.

I could not believe that this woman was on national television expressing such bias remarks. I was pisssss off, because In my opinion her design are not for the woman with curves.

Project runway Australia became an obsession, only because i knew that she was her own enemy and it was only a matter of time for her to eliminate herself.

Well, guess what that bias witch won the challenge in episode 6; however episode 7 was her demised. Kelly Rowland a former member of Destiny Child was a guest on episode 7. The challenge was for the designers to create an outfit for an upcoming performance in South Africa.

All the designers knew who Kelly Rolland was and they were excited with the challenge, except for Ms witch, who said that she did not know who she was and although a portfolio was giving to all the designers to get a feel of Kelly's style, it was very clear to me in her comments, facial expression and the garment that she created that this woman has no respect for women of my race. Although Kelly told her that the garment she designed is not something that she would wear, she sent the model down the runway looking like a high class "PRETTY WOMAN" this was the judges comments.

In the end the judges saw through the woman and she was eliminated in episode 7.

Now folks, you know that this really pisssss me offffff. Anyway she was kick off. I hope that once she gets over the shock of elimination, and she has an opportunity to see all the episodes, she will realize that her demise was her bias attitude that kept her inside the box and prevented her from growing. Somehow I suspect that she is so full of herself......

I started watching project runway US in its 3rd season, when Michael Knight and all those great designers was on the show. But, it was not until this season that i realized that sewing a well fitted garment is time consuming. I have a better understanding of how much time it really takes to put a garment together, especially if you want it to look great on the inside as well as the outside.

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Toni Campbell said...

When Helen was eliminated I applauded like I was there and not in my living room!!! So happy she is gone!

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