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Hello everyone, Its been a while since i posted anything. Well I felt overwhelmed, I felt like I was spreading myself so thin that nothing was getting done.I looked around and all I saw were the things that need to be done around my home and at work.

My lack of blogging did not prevent me from visiting you guys blog.It has been three months since I sewed. The last thing I made was a pair of black pant. I did not buy any fabrics or patterns in 3 months.

Well, I'm beginning to feel like myself again. This time I plan to take my time and try to not take on more than I can manage. In the past month my husband and I started getting our home ready for the holiday. Thanksgiving dinner will be at my home. We painted the living room, the kitchen was remolded last year, however we had plywood over the cabinets as conter tops. Well, my corian counter tops were installed on Friday.

I am still working on organizing my home and the sewing room. Work in progress.

Photos later.....


artist1lisa said…
Hey there! I'm glad you are back.I know what you mean about getting over-whelmed.Remember to take some time out for yourself.I tagged you and added you to my favorites.

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