Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Is Your Level of Sewing? Part I

Is it beginner, intermediate, advance, gifted or master of the craft?

After reading Carolyn’s blog I have been thinking this over. I read the comments to Carolyn's post, and I agreed with others viewpoint.

I used the calculations and I fared horrible.

Well, my sewing is not awful; however I am not an expert or a master of the craft. I consider my level of sewing intermediate. I have been sewing since the 9th grade. I sewed window treatments, slipcovers, my weeding gown and bridesmaid’s gowns, my girlfriend’s weeding and bridesmaid’s gown, I sewed my daughter’s christening gown etc.

I have learned some great techniques such as zipper insertion (lapped and invisible), making bias binding and pattern drafting.

I strongly disagree that time spent is an adequate measure of my sewing skill. Some folks are gifted; they can draft and create a beautiful garment with little effort and without dedicating a lot of time. Other like me honed the skill through practice and research. Your skills will not improve if you are not willing to experiment and take risks in order to take your skills to the next level.
There are a wide range of sewists, from those that have the "gift"(masters of the craft) to the ones whose sewing is awful. In the end, whether you are a born with the gift of sewing or you are struggling to master simple techniques, the most important factor is to enjoy the process and sew, sew, sewwwwwww

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