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New Year Resolution

I went to Jo-Ann today to purchase a few Vogue patterns that was on sale. Can you believe I only bought 3 lousy patterns.

As I left the store, I was thinking that I owned over 250 + patterns and I manage to have an extensive SABLE. With the current state of the economy it has become necessary to monitor how, when and on what I spend my money.

I was reading Ms Carolyn's blog over at diary of a sewingfantatic -and her goals for the new year were along the same lines as mine.

Last year I made lots of resolutions, some I accomplished and other need more work, but overall it was a good year.

Here are my 3 goals for 2009

1. Limit the amount of money I am going to spend on patterns and fabrics

2. Improve my pants fitting skills

3. Rediscover my love of quilting, knitting, crochet and cross stitch

Spending less is my most important goal for 2009. I don't know what to expects in 2009 so I must save and sew from my sable. Now that does not mean that I am not going to spend on fabrics and patter…

Happy Hoildays

Sewing Books

My family and I went to the mall on black Friday just to walk around and enjoy the holiday atmosphere. We went to the Palisades Mall in Nyack, New York; it's a 30 minutes drive from my home. There is a new bookstore that only sells Japanese books. I decided to see if there was any sewing related books and I found several. I bought this one for $22.00.It has 4-5 jackets/coats with the patterns and great photos covering detail instructions and techniques

The books below I did not buy; however on my next trip I might buy the one on the right.