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Sewing Books


My family and I went to the mall on black Friday just to walk around and enjoy the holiday atmosphere. We went to the Palisades Mall in Nyack, New York; it's a 30 minutes drive from my home. There is a new bookstore that only sells Japanese books. I decided to see if there was any sewing related books and I found several. I bought this one for $22.00.It has 4-5 jackets/coats with the patterns and great photos covering detail instructions and techniques

The books below I did not buy; however on my next trip I might buy the one on the right.


Sheila said…
Hi Alethia

Thanks for stopping by. It would be great to meet up with you in Brooklyn and check out the fabric stores. I will definitely let you know.

The sewing books look interesting are the instructions and techniques really clear enough that you can do without any translation.
alethia said…
Hey Sheila I am looking forward to meeting up with you. The instructions in the book re written in Japanese, however the book has lots of photos that take you through each step of the construction process. This book is definetely for an intermediate to advance sewist. It is definately not for a beginner.
lasandrou said…
I didn't know the first book, it must be new.
There's this french blog Japan Couture ( ) addict's where you can see all the sewong made from the 2nb book and third book you pick. You just have to click on the book's picture n the left of the blog.
ps : sorry for my english
Gwen said…
Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I'm always happy to find another internet-blogging-sewing-friend-to-be! :)

I actually picked up 3 of those books (the one I showed, the one on skirts and the polka dot one) but I didn't post about all 3 because the other 2 are gifts for friends who read my blog... ;)

But they ALL have projects that I am dying to try! I do hope that the illustrations (combined with my intermediate sewing level) will be sufficient. It looks like the illustrations are better than the ones you get from some of the foreign pattern magazines like BWOF and Patrones...

I'm looking forward to following all of your sewing adventures and especially seeing your creation from your new book! :)

Take care, Gwen
alethia said…
Hello Lasandrou it nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by and please don't worry about your English,sewing is a language we all understand.
Hi Gwen love your blog!
paco peralta said…
Alethia .- as you are? ... I love these books and I am curious to know about them. I have seen in many blogs and their designs seem fantastic. I want you to enjoy and appreciate a lot to show. a hug, Paco
Cennetta said…
Very interesting finds. I would love to add the first one to my library. I can't wait to see how use your new books in upcoming projects.
Susan said…
I hope to get to a point where pics are enough. I'm no where near there now though! The skirt on the book is soooo my style.

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