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My Accomplishments in 2009

Happy New Year

Happy Holidays

Sewing Companion/Buddy

Skirts- A Love Affair Part-2

Skirts- A Love Affair

Hello & Happy Thanksgiving

Free Patterns

This Is It- Gone Too Soon

Window Treatments

Pants 2 of 4 (posting 2)

Pants 2 of 4

Pants 1 of 4

Strapless Maxi dress

Why Should You Take a Sewing Class Taught by Experts

Sewing in NYC

Sewing In NYC

Sewing in New York City

Sewing Class

Fall Colors 2009

Fall Colors 2 of 2

Skirt- 5 of 5- Done

Skirt- Photos

Skirt- UFO 5 of 5

Skirt- UFO 4 of 5