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Nomination & Alethia's Golden Sewing/Inspiration Awards

Thanks Omega over at sewhooked. Blogland is loaded with talented sewers. I don't know where to begin. I am suppose to nominate 7 other blogger; however I am having some difficulty because I will like to nominate all the blogs I visit. Since I don't have the time to do that I am going to start "Alethia's Golden Sewing/Inspirational Award". I will be posting the winners of this award through the year.

Alethia's Golden Sewing/Inspiration Award goes to:

1. Lisa at sewonandsewon. I like Lisa's sense of style and elegance.

2. Adrienne at adrienneslittleworld I enjoy her blog. I love her family photos, especially when she talk about her parents. I Absolutely enjoy the recipes and food photos. Also she has many talents such as scrapbooking, sewing and knitting. Oh one more thing she has a fabulous figure.

3. Myraida at myraida. Que puedo decir de esa boriqua bella. She is gifted, talented and very stylish. I love everything she sews. I enjoy photos of her little an…

A Historic Day

Today is a historic day. A day that is celebrated around the world. Only in America is this possible. I am thankfull the for the privilege of this experience. I will do my part to help our president succeed. God bless him and his family and may God bless us all.

The Dublin Bag- Part I

Well I started crochetting the base for the bag. Tawny wrote that the bag was large. After completing the base and a few rounds I realize that the bag is hugeeeeee.

So, I am going to take all those stitches out and decrease the number of chains from 50 to 30. Also the yarn I am using is red heart-fiesta in brown. It is a multicolor yarn that is beautiful; however because of bubbles, I am not sure it was the best choice of yarn.

Today is a holiday and I am enjoying CNN. Tomorrow is a wonderfull day and I will glued to the television to witness history as I celebrate the swearing in of Mr. Obama

The Dublin Bag and UFO

I found a pattern for the Dublin bag. So that is going to be my next project. More about that later.

UFOs- It is time to finish those project or get rid of them. I have the following to complete

1. Two set of window treatments for my dinning room

2. Two or three quilt tops to complete

3. Two sweatshirt jackets

4. Two pairs of black pants

5. Aprons I promise to make for my sister

6. Anything else I find in the totes


Well, stash has caused a big "rigomorow" in blogworld. Hmmm...I am not going to re-visit my take on it. I wrote about my stash in 2008 and that is where I am going to leave it... where? BACK THERE.

What I found interesting is that we all have stash, knitters, scrapbookers, painters, needleworkers ( embroidery, etc) woodworkers etc. I think its wonderfulllllllllllllll

Towanda at lifeissewsewgood wrote a great post and I absolutely agreed with her!!!

The Dublin Bag, Snow Drift Cardigan, Hats, Scarfs & Socks

My Needlework Mojo Is Back
Thanks to tanysewsandknitssheilazcrochetz, themahoganystylist and all the other knitters whose blogs I visited. The items you knitted or crocheted inspired my crochet/ knitting mojo to re-emerge. Over the holidays Tany posted her beautiful version of the Dublin Bag and the snow drift cardigan; Cenetta posted photos of hats and scarf and Sheila posted photos of warm & toasty looking socks and a nice & cozy blanket.
During the holiday madness I bought acrylic yarn, found my knitting needles and this was the result. Here is my bag. The pattern for this bag can found at

Tawny posted the address of a blogger who posted instruction on a knock off version the Dublin Bag. Unfortunately, it is in Portuguese and I don't understand the instructions. Does anyone know of a site where the instructions are posted in English or Spanish?

Here is the inside of the bag. I used cotton, and the wrong side of the fabric, because the right side was dark purpl…

Sewing Plans for the New Year

I read Omega’s post at regarding her sewing plans for the New Year; that got me thinking about my accomplishments in 2008 and my goals for the New Year.

Last year I made plans for SWAP. I did manage to complete 3- skirts, 4-slacks, 1-culottes and 1- pair of shorts. Also I made aprons, 3-blouses and a skirt for my DD. I did not quite complete swap as planned, so I revised my goals for 2009.

I posted 3-major goals for 2009 in a previous post. Here are details about how I intend to achieve my 2009 goals:

1. Spending- In 2008 I spent 100% on sewing items only. I gave myself a $750.00 budget for 2009 (30% of what I spent in 2008); however this 750.00 will not be only for sewing related items, it will include buying item for my other hobbies- crochet/knitting, quilting, painting ceramics and cross stitch. As you can see this money has to do a lot more for me. I made a conservative estimate of how much I spent in 2008, and although 750.00 represent a conservative 30% I …