Monday, January 19, 2009

The Dublin Bag- Part I

Well I started crochetting the base for the bag. Tawny wrote that the bag was large. After completing the base and a few rounds I realize that the bag is hugeeeeee.

So, I am going to take all those stitches out and decrease the number of chains from 50 to 30. Also the yarn I am using is red heart-fiesta in brown. It is a multicolor yarn that is beautiful; however because of bubbles, I am not sure it was the best choice of yarn.

Today is a holiday and I am enjoying CNN. Tomorrow is a wonderfull day and I will glued to the television to witness history as I celebrate the swearing in of Mr. Obama

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BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Alethia .- and I want to see this bag ... uhmmmm. I am sure that will be perfect. Also here are following the information about the inauguration of new president. A hug and see you soon honey.


Alethia.- ya tengo ganas de ver este bolso...uhmmmm. Estoy seguro de que estará perfecto. También aquí estamos siguiendo las informaciones sobre la toma de posesión del nuevo presidente. Un abrazo querida y hasta pronto.

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