Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sewing Plans for the New Year

I read Omega’s post at regarding her sewing plans for the New Year; that got me thinking about my accomplishments in 2008 and my goals for the New Year.

Last year I made plans for SWAP. I did manage to complete 3- skirts, 4-slacks, 1-culottes and 1- pair of shorts. Also I made aprons, 3-blouses and a skirt for my DD. I did not quite complete swap as planned, so I revised my goals for 2009.

I posted 3-major goals for 2009 in a previous post. Here are details about how I intend to achieve my 2009 goals:

1. Spending- In 2008 I spent 100% on sewing items only. I gave myself a $750.00 budget for 2009 (30% of what I spent in 2008); however this 750.00 will not be only for sewing related items, it will include buying item for my other hobbies- crochet/knitting, quilting, painting ceramics and cross stitch. As you can see this money has to do a lot more for me. I made a conservative estimate of how much I spent in 2008, and although 750.00 represent a conservative 30% I am hoping to stay under 500.00 this year

I am on self impose 90-day moratorium that started January 1 and ends March 30.

2. Pants- I am happy with the fit in the back, the front crotch curve needs work. I tend to not refer to the books and videos in my sewing library. That is something I am planning to correct this year. My goal here is make pants with a great fit since this is one of the basic pieces I need for my wardrobe.

Dress sloper- I started working on a dress sloper and became frustrated and that was the end. I am going to try again

3. Re-discovering my love of quilting, crochet and knitting- I have 2-3 unfinished quilts top; those will be completed this year. I am incorporating crochet and knitting projects in my plans this year, I will write about this in another post.

Last, I believe in binder a system for organizing everything. I have a binder labeled “sewing projects- current and future. This is where I document as I sew, I write about techniques, alterations, what work and what did not work, etc. Once I complete a project I filled all my notes and photos in another binder label” completed projects”. In this binder I store notes of my entire project regardless of the outcome; the success and the failures are stored in this binder.


Summerset said...

Great goals for the year. I, too, want to get back into knitting this year with a few small projects.

Lesalicious said...

Hey came across your blog and wishing you totally luck on your sewing plans for this year I totally have to get my self into gear for this year.:)

Cennetta said...

Great goals. I really like the binder method for keeping track of works in progress and finished garments. Happy New Year!

Faye Lewis said...

Great job with the sewing goals. I'm following you this year girl.

Mariela Alethia said...

Thank you ladies, I am looking forward to the new year.

Faye Lewis said...

Great 2009 goals, especially the part about spending - which I too need to do more about controlling.

Lisa H. said...

Those are great goals and I like the 90 day jumpstart too.I'll have to borrow that idea from you,to get myself jumping.

Omega said...

You accomplished a lot in 2008 and you have great goals for 2009. I like your thoughts for binder use also.

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