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Isabel Toledo

Anyone who sew and/or love fashion knows who Isabel Toledo is.

Mrs Toledo is the Cuban-American designer that made the beautiful lemon green suit that the first lady of the United States wore on the Inauguration of her husband Barrack Obama.

Well, I read in "Vanidades" a Spanish fashion magazine (it's actually more than that) that FIT will open an exhibit dedicated to Isabel Toledo from June 6,2009 thru September 26,2009.

It's a must see if you are in the New York area. I will report back after I see the exhibit.

Pattern Weights

Here are my patterns weights. I borrowed Omegas's idea and wrap the ribbon around two metal washers. I bought a total of 14 washers, that means I would only get 7 pattern weights. I going to buy a few more and I will post more pic later.

TNT Pants- Update #2

I dedicated the month of February to work on getting a better fitting pants pattern. Last night I called it quits. I made 5 muslin, reviewed the photos I took of the muslins highlighten the problem areas, notes and photos from vogue 1003 muslin I made in October 2007 and I realize the results were the same.

The fit in the crotch is my major problem.

I spent most of the day going through my sewing library, looking for information that will help me to improve the fit in the crotch area. I found the following:

1. 3- articles written by Joyce Murphy for Threads Magazine in December, 2005/January 2006, June/July 2005 and October/November 2008 regarding how to fit pants.

Joyce marked 13 key points on the pattern and making a pants muslin without any alteration. Once the muslin is made up the 13 key points must be mark.
She explain about the crotch curve shape and its many variation based on each person individual body. I notice that Joyce did not use the crotch depth measurement nor does she …

My Laptop

Well, I check gateway's website and of course the manufacture warranty was useless. Anyway I will keep you guys posted.

Luck will have it that my job bought HP notebooks five years ago. I was one of the lucky recipients. I basically use it for reports only. I guess it will be getting a lot more use now, until I resolve the situation with my laptop HP notebook it is.