Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Book Sale

It has taken 2- weeks to write this post. I have been writing a little at a time due to tendonitis of my right shoulder.

On May 15, the library in my town had its annual book sale. I have been living in this town for over 20-years and the library has been having a yearly 3-days spring books sale for at lease 10-years, starting on Friday. This year the sale was two days, Saturday and Sunday.

I got to the building 15 minutes before the door was open and there was a very long line. The books were organized by topic such as craft, cook books, gardening, children books, fiction, art, religions, etc. The hardcover books were $0.50 and the magazines were $0.25.

I went to the craft section and I found a treasure of old books, such as 10-crosstitch magazines, sewing books, fiction (The Godfather by Mario Puzzi). I was overwhelmed by the extensive selection and the great condition of the books.

There were books by some of my favorites writers such as James Patterson ( an entire hard cover collection of his book excluding the new novel) Xavier Sierra, Ken Follet, Douglas Preston, Sylvia Brown to name a few.
Because of tnedonities I cannot lift anything over 3 pounds or perform repetitive motions without pain. So I relied on my husband to carry my loot and he was not about to go back into the building (it was a small space with hundreds of books and too many folks trying to carry their loot around) The next day was bag sale, bring a shopping back and any amount of books you can fit into the bag was $2.00. I was dissapointed that I could not return to buy more books on the second day. Oh well, there is always next year!
Here are some of the great book and magazines I bought.

Time Life sewing series- total of 6 books


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not A Bargain

First this is the second version of Butterick 5038. My DD loves the simplicity of this dress. I am working on two more versions for her. Will post soon.

At the end of last summer, my girlfriend and I went shopping in the Bronx, New York . I bought four skirts size -3X for $5.oo each. The designs and color of the fabrics ( cotton) caught my attention. I knew that I would be able to re-work the fabrics and make it work.

Well, that was a big mistake. The fabrics were so off grain and distorted, it's just not wort it!

First of all the construction was deplorable. The waist was self-faced without interfacing, the zipper was sewn without interfacing the area to provide stability. I removed the self faced waistband removed the zipper and proceeded to cut the skirt down to size. I then interfaced the zipper area and inserted a centered zipper, I applied a peter sham waistband. Unfortunately, after all of this work, I realized that the hem was uneven. Although the design at the bottom of the skirt lines up, the skirt does not drape well. See the photos below. The back view the skirt is longer on the left side, the front view it appears to be ok in the photo, but in reality the right side is shorter.
What is your opinion?

Oh well on to the next project until I figure out my next move.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Butterick 5038

I bought this pattern last year. After working on the challenges with TNT pants pattern, I decided to sew something easy. Well so I thought. I made this dress for my daughter.

Pattern Description: Misses' Tunic: A-line tunic, above mid-knee

Pattern Sizing: 14 to 20; I made 20 with with a few alterations/changes.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes. The pattern is true to the photo.

Were the instructions easy to follow? The instructions were easy.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I purchased this pattern thinking it was a good basic pattern to make simple summer dress.

What I dislike about the pattern was the sizing. The pattern runs small in the bodice and it does not provide adequate coverage of the bust area. If your bra cup is an "A" then it should be OK

Fabric Used: very lightweight cotton that has been in my fabric collection for years.

Pattern Adjustments/Alterations:

My daughter is a full busted young lady; therefore I had to alter the front and back bodice to accommodate her. The bust point was lowered and the bust dart was repositioned, 2" was added to the lower edge of the front bodice because it was too short; To the top of the front bodice 3-4" was added to provide adequate coverage . The same additions were added to back bodice.

The pattern instruction sheets only gave instructions regarding a bodice lining. I added a full lining because the fabric I choose was lightweight and somewhat thin.