Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Book Sale

It has taken 2- weeks to write this post. I have been writing a little at a time due to tendonitis of my right shoulder.

On May 15, the library in my town had its annual book sale. I have been living in this town for over 20-years and the library has been having a yearly 3-days spring books sale for at lease 10-years, starting on Friday. This year the sale was two days, Saturday and Sunday.

I got to the building 15 minutes before the door was open and there was a very long line. The books were organized by topic such as craft, cook books, gardening, children books, fiction, art, religions, etc. The hardcover books were $0.50 and the magazines were $0.25.

I went to the craft section and I found a treasure of old books, such as 10-crosstitch magazines, sewing books, fiction (The Godfather by Mario Puzzi). I was overwhelmed by the extensive selection and the great condition of the books.

There were books by some of my favorites writers such as James Patterson ( an entire hard cover collection of his book excluding the new novel) Xavier Sierra, Ken Follet, Douglas Preston, Sylvia Brown to name a few.
Because of tnedonities I cannot lift anything over 3 pounds or perform repetitive motions without pain. So I relied on my husband to carry my loot and he was not about to go back into the building (it was a small space with hundreds of books and too many folks trying to carry their loot around) The next day was bag sale, bring a shopping back and any amount of books you can fit into the bag was $2.00. I was dissapointed that I could not return to buy more books on the second day. Oh well, there is always next year!
Here are some of the great book and magazines I bought.

Time Life sewing series- total of 6 books


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Sheila said...

You got a great haul of books. I really need to pay more attention to my town's library book sale.

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