Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not A Bargain

First this is the second version of Butterick 5038. My DD loves the simplicity of this dress. I am working on two more versions for her. Will post soon.

At the end of last summer, my girlfriend and I went shopping in the Bronx, New York . I bought four skirts size -3X for $5.oo each. The designs and color of the fabrics ( cotton) caught my attention. I knew that I would be able to re-work the fabrics and make it work.

Well, that was a big mistake. The fabrics were so off grain and distorted, it's just not wort it!

First of all the construction was deplorable. The waist was self-faced without interfacing, the zipper was sewn without interfacing the area to provide stability. I removed the self faced waistband removed the zipper and proceeded to cut the skirt down to size. I then interfaced the zipper area and inserted a centered zipper, I applied a peter sham waistband. Unfortunately, after all of this work, I realized that the hem was uneven. Although the design at the bottom of the skirt lines up, the skirt does not drape well. See the photos below. The back view the skirt is longer on the left side, the front view it appears to be ok in the photo, but in reality the right side is shorter.
What is your opinion?

Oh well on to the next project until I figure out my next move.


Summerset said...

Because the print is even at the hem, it isn't too bad. If you wanted to, you could take out the waistband at the part that is too low, pull it up, trim and restitch. I'm not sure that many people with untrained eyes would notice and for the price of the skirt, even if it worn around the house for the summer, it was worth it.

Mariela Alethia said...

Thank you Summerset, that is great idea. I am going to try it out.

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