Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sewing in NYC

Today was the last day of the four day sewing seminar with Susan Khalje and Kenneth King. Kenneth did the last tweaking on my pants pattern. Everytime an adjustment was made on the paper pattern and recopied the pattern onto paper. I did this five times and made 4 muslin. I did not make a muslin today because I had too much pain in my right shoulder.

Of course I visited Kashi at Metro Textiles on Friday and he opened his store for the class to shop today. Of course I also bought fabrics on Friday.

In the back of the store Kashi had large boxes of scraps fabrics for $1.00 a piece. Mary and I took the time to search the box. We found 3yds of burgandy wool crepe ( the exact wool crepe that Mary brought to the class and made a beautiful vintage dress), 2yds of various color of silk charmuse, 1-1/2 yds of 60-inches wide strechy velour( the type that Juicy uses to makes their sweats suits), You get the idea. Mary and I found beautiful pieces of fabrics. Of course Kashi is mailing my loot to my home.

Here are photos of Kenneth's creation. I wish you could see the artistry and mastery of these jackets

Here is Susan and Ann from Gorgeous fabrics

Here is great Kenneth


Cennetta said...

Wow! What fun! Those jackets are too sharp. I really like the black haired one. Wishing you the best and take care of that shoulder.

Unknown said...

Got my loot from Kashi yesterday, and I wish I had bought more!!! Hope you're pants are coming along, can't wait to see them, but I already know they'll be perfect!

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