Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Skirt- 5 of 5- Done

This is the last post regarding the Bronx skirts series. Below is the pic.

I swore that I will never buy anything that needed that much work. Well after working on the Bronx skirt series I changed my mind. I love the fabrics and I was force to figure out a way to make it work. First, I will like to thank Summerset for her suggestion when I wrote about skirt #4. She got me started. Second, the idea for the black band around skirt # 4 was borrowed from Carolyn(She attached a yellow band to a floral skirt). Third the other ideas came so many other blogs that I read ( Lisa, Adrienne, Sheila and so many others).


Description: Four ready made skirts

Size: 3X- 4X

Fabric: cotton and cotton flannel

1. The construction was poor
2. There was no facing in the zipper area
3. The side seams were uneven, there was 1/2" - 1 1/2" difference
4 There was no waist stay to prevent the waist from streching
5. Cotton flannel skirt- the needle left holes in the side seams probably due to using a needle that was too large for the fabric
6. All four skirts had large floral designs that needed to be match
7. The skirts were cut on the bias

1. The skirts were taken apart
2. The uneveness of the hem was corrected
3. I used the corrected front and back skirt and made a paper pattern. I then used this pattern to correct the other skirts
4. I inserted a side seam zipper(center) in the skirts except for skirt #4 I did an elastic waist.
5. Stay tape was added to the waist and the zipper area was reinforced with interfacing.
6. Skirt # 4 a bias piece of black fabric was cut and sewn to the hem
Skirt # 5 had a mottif of brown floral designs and a purple band; this was removed and the purple band cut off and re-attached to the skirt as a single band. The brown was added to the hem.

Conclusion: I will do it again because it was a learning experience. The skirts are of better quality it fit me perfectly and I am happy with the results.


Summerset said...

You're welcome! I'm glad they've all worked out, I enjoyed seeing all the finished skirt. They're perfect for summer.

Sheila said...

You ended up with a great collection of skirts..

Cennetta said...

Five wonderful skirts. It's been a while since I last checked in on you. Despite the challenges, your skirts are beautiful and would be welcomed in my closet. You wear them well and they are perfect for the summer weather.

Congratulations on finishing so many UFO's.

Sheila said...

You have a nice collection of skirts and truth be told you got me hooked on skirts.

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