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Pants 1 of 4

Since the completion of the class in NYC, I have not work on my pants muslin because of an injured right shoulder. The times it take for me to complete a task has tripled. I am getting ready to sew a few pants that will be incorporated into my work wardrobe. I embraced the concept of a workable wardrobe 2-years ago after reading an article in Stitches magazine ( one of my favorite Australian magazines). My DD does not sew, but since I injured my shoulder she has become my assistant.

My plan is to write about my progress in four parts.

Part 1- planning and gathering supplies needed for the project

1. 5-yd of summer wool purchased in NYC. I cannot wear wool, but this fabric is so beautiful, it has a small percentage of wool and it should be OK with a lining.

2. Black fabric from Metro Textile. Kashi said it was appropriate for pants, skirt or jacket and it has a nice weight and drape.

3. Lining from my stash. The pants will be fully lined since they are going to become the workhorses…

Strapless Maxi dress

This was one of the fabrics I bought at Metro Textiles in New York. I found this in the $1.00 box that Kashi has in the back of the store. This was easy pezzy sewing. My DD posed in the dress so I could take a picture.

Some stats
large piece of jersey knit - maybe 2 yd
light silky lining fabric- 2yd

Gutterman Orange thread
All purpose Black thread
1-inch elastic

When I saw the fabric I knew that it only needed something very simple to make it sing. I use the hip measurement and I made a simple rectangle. It has only one seam (at the side). I added a lining to keep it from clinging. I used my serger to attach the elastic and sewed it down with machine stitching ( Sandra Betzina's tip). The hem was not done when I took the photo.
I plan to wear it with a short black jacket