Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pants 1 of 4

Since the completion of the class in NYC, I have not work on my pants muslin because of an injured right shoulder. The times it take for me to complete a task has tripled. I am getting ready to sew a few pants that will be incorporated into my work wardrobe. I embraced the concept of a workable wardrobe 2-years ago after reading an article in Stitches magazine ( one of my favorite Australian magazines). My DD does not sew, but since I injured my shoulder she has become my assistant.

My plan is to write about my progress in four parts.

Part 1- planning and gathering supplies needed for the project

1. 5-yd of summer wool purchased in NYC. I cannot wear wool, but this fabric is so beautiful, it has a small percentage of wool and it should be OK with a lining.

2. Black fabric from Metro Textile. Kashi said it was appropriate for pants, skirt or jacket and it has a nice weight and drape.

3. Lining from my stash. The pants will be fully lined since they are going to become the workhorses of my working wardrobe.

waist stay
Serger threads

Here are the underlinings and the fabrics. I choose several underlining, once I start cutting the fabric at that point I will make a final decision.

Part 2
1. Sewing-up muslin #5 ( hopefully the last one). It was not completed during the class in NYC. Additionally I will be making changes to the pattern if needed (hopefully none)

2. Sewing muslin #6 out of a fabric that resembles the actual fabric. Kenneth King explained that muslin was a great fabric to work out major fitting or pattern issues; however fabrics behave differently, so before cutting your fashion fabric, make a pants out of fabric that is similar in weight and feel to the fashion fabric.

Part 3- sewing a total of 6 pants- two out of the summer wool and four out of the black fabric.

Part 4- sewing 3 pants - the same


Sheila said...

You definitely got your sewing game plan on and looking forward to your progress posts.

Cennetta said...

Great plan. I need a few pair myself. It's cold in Chicago and fully lined pants are the perfect chill busters.

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