Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pants 2 of 4

I am getting physical therapy for my injured right shoulder. So working on my pants has been a very slow process.
Below is muslin #5. This was the results of the last changes Kenneth King made to my pants pattern. As you can see there was still some fullness in the back leg.

Below is another view

Here I attempted to remove more of the fullness from the back pant leg and in the process I threw the grain line off. I did not add the amount I remove to the side seams, therefore the front side seam was pulled to the back. Needless to say it went downhill from here

The lesson learned here was: instead of trying to remove more fabric, I should have made another muslin out of a fabric that is similar to the actual fabric I plan to use and tweak it. That was Kenneth's last advice to me. That is why is the master.

I went back to the beginning reading as many resources as I could and using what I learned from the class. I started with a clean slate and added reference line to the original pattern. These lines will make it easier for me make changes without altering the grain line.

More later

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Sheila said...

The muslin fit looks like its coming along ok.

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