Monday, November 30, 2009

Skirts- A Love Affair

By now most of you who read my blog realize that I have a love affair with skirts. They are one of my favorite garments to sew and wear. I think it started 3-years ago, prior to that I wore pants 99% of the time.

I started working on the skirts the end of September and completed two black skirts by the end of October. The purple skirt was sewed in March and it only needed hemming. That was done earlier today.

The skirt to the right (hound tooth) was started Thanksgiving night and it was finished it earlier today. read a post I wrote regarding skirts and he/she invited me to visit their website. Stop by it has really nice skirt at great prices.

Photos of me wearing the skirts later....

Friday, November 27, 2009

Hello & Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a great holiday. I am sewing, slowly due to pain the my right shoulder joint. I started on a new medication last Monday and I happy to say what a relief!

Trudy from will be getting all the patterns from my pattern giveaway.

More later..........

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