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Skirt- UFO 3 of 5

In my previous post I wrote about remake of four skirts. Here is remake #2

Skirt- UFO 2 of 5

In a previous post I wrote about four skirts I bought last year. I love the fabrics and although the skirts were size 3x and 4x I figure I could use the fabrics and re-make the skirts. Well my first attempt was disappointing. The skirts were poorly made, the workmanship was awful. I cannot believe the poor quality people pay money for. Anyway it was the end of the summer and the skirts were dirt cheap. After re-making the skirt here is the result.

Skirt- UFO 1 of 5

I bought this fabric at Jo-Ann two years ago. I started working on five skirts in May and it has taken me all this time due to a shoulder injury. Anyway it is done. More pictures of the others skirt will be coming.

This was easy peezy sewing. Side seams were sewn and a side zipper was inserted.