Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Someone posted a comment on this blog in Chinese. I deleted the comment before paying attention to the author's name.

Whoever you are, If you want to post a comment on this blog please write in English otherwise don't bother. Also, the next time you post on this blog I will be identifying you by name. Better yet don't comment on this blog!

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Look 6316

I started working on this jacket in December.
A simple unstructured jacket that would become the workhorse of my working wardrobe. The jacket has a large amount of ease. I started with a size 8, lenghten the waist, reduce the shoulder lenght and the back width.

The first muslin revealed the following:
In the back
Too much fabric between my shoulder blades and upper back; also between the breast line and waist due to my swayback
The shoulder slope needed to be corrected.

I drop the shoulder slope by 1/2 inch and I removed 1" of fabric from my upper back and 1' from the lower waist area.

I added a center back seam to help with my swayback and I added darts to provide shaping.

Here are the results

As you can see the wrinkle on the right hip area??????

I asked Paco and Cenetta for helpppppppp. In the meantime I spent the last two weeks doing a lot of reading about jacket construction and I must say the time was worth it.

Cenetta suggested adding shoulder pads to check the fit. I am going to implement her suggestion. Paco suggested lowering the waist because I removed 1" of lenght from the middle.

I did both and I made up a new paper pattern with the changes. Next is muslin #2.

It is so important to know your body and the type of alteration you needed in order to make a pattern yours. Hopefully, I will get a jacket I am happy with and it will become my sloper for all others

More later....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sewing Goals for 2010

Here are my goals for the New Year

1.Finish all the sewing projects that I have started and then abandoned

2.Sew pants that fit

3.Sew a simple jacket

4.Crochet and or knit 2 items

5.Sew from my stash as much as possible

6. Inprove my sewing skills

My goals are simple and uncomplicated. My ultimate goal is sew garments that fit well and improve my sewing skills. In order to achieve these goals I must come up with a workable plan. This plan will be adjusted and or change as needed. More regarding this plan later.....

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