Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jacket- New Look 6316- Quick Update

I found the jacket muslin. I worked on it for most the day yesterday until 9:00pm last night.

I don't understand why when you solve one fitting issues another one appears. Oh well... I had gaposis in the armhole area. I remove 3/4' from the shoulder tapering to nothing at the neckline, it helped but did not remove all of the fullness. I made a dart in the armhole area to remove the balance of the fullness, then I transferred from the muslin to the paper pattern.

When you make a change to the pattern sometimes it distorts the shape of the paper pattern. You have to re-draft the distorted area. Another issue that I had was fullness within the pattern. I had the privilege to attend a class with Susan Khalje and Kenneth King. I worked mostly with Kenneth, and all the problem I encountered with this jacket I and how to solve each one was taught to me by Kenneth.

I don't know about you guys, but I am a visual person, once I see either via video or personal demonstration I stays recorded in my memory. Kenneth is doing a whole series in Thread's magazine regarding fitting issues. PLEASE check it out and save and guard the instructions with your sewing life..LOLLLLLL

I took detailed pictures of this process and once the jacket is done I will write a post explaining the process.

Next: fitting the sleeves. Thank you Faye for sharing how to remove ease from the sleeve cap.


Faye Lewis said...

You are so welcome. It's a little thing, but I figure someone out there may be having the same problem I'm having and really need the information. I will be measuring the sleeve cap are on all patterns form now on and making this adjustment, rather than fighting puckers after the fact. I think a puckered sleeve head spells homemade. Good luck with your jacket process.

Jackie's Stitches said...

I'm glad you found it!

Zoe said...

Hi! Great to have you on board for the Stash Bustin'! Wishing you lots of luck and sewing good karma for your jacket project, I'm sure the results will be fantastic and worth all the time spent. All the best x

Sheila said...

Your persistence will pay off.

Thank you for the Awesome compliment on my blouse.

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