Thursday, July 29, 2010

Burda 7866- Kimono Style Blouse

In a previous post I wrote about Burda 7866. I made a blouse for my DD out of a knit fabric. Although it was a simple style I made a muslin because I don't have experience sewing knit fabrics. The first muslin was out of a very light knit. I added 2" to the hip area based on the first muslin. The second muslin was made out of heavier knit. I removed the 2" and added bust darts. I also joined the lower part of the blouse to make it one piece because I did not want to deal with matching the design. I read a post over at cheap and picky's blog regarding sewing knits and it was very helpful, I used Claire Shaeffer's book Fabric Sewing Guide. Last but not lease the fabulous Omega sent me a great book "Sewing Knits by Singer". I am going to read this book and I am going to sew another knit blouse. Here is the blouse.


Jackie's Stitches said...

Knit shirts suit my figure better than most other fabrics. I need a bit of a stretch and a bit of a clingy fabric.

Curious...why was the additional 2" not needed on the heavier fabric?

Cennetta said...

Working with knits can be a little tricky sometimes. Making a few muslins always help me get the fit right on a new pattern. When it's right, it's smooth sewing from that point.

Sheila said...

I agree with Cennetta knits can be very tricky to sew with. I like to use a long straight stitch before serging my seams. I find when I would serge the seams the fabric would become wonky. Also I stablize the neckline and armholes too before serging.

You chose a pretty print & top for your daughter and am sure the book from Omega will be very helpful.

Keep on stitching.

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