Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to take Measurements

After reading many sewing books, attending tons of classes, in the end it accurate measurements is one of the most important aspects to achieving great fitting clothes.
One of the best books in my sewing library is by Anna Zapp. She provides a diagram and a detailed chart on how to take accurate measurements. I combined Anna's method and an article from threads magazine regarding how to take measurement. I tooked my measurements and here is the results:

1. I am much smaller in the back and larger in the front- this means that the back pattern will be smaller than the front
2. I have a short back, and this is the reason why in ready to wear there is always extra fabric between my shoulder and back bust area. To correct this I removed 1-inch bewteen the back bust line and the shoulder to shoulder measurement
3. I have a swayback and I need to lenghten the center back to meet the front waistline and then do a swayback adjustment
4. From waist to hip the lenght is 11 inches
5. I've gained weight- more in the front, making my front waist measurements much larger than the back.
6. I have a slope shoulder

Anyway you get the idea and here is a pic of the measuring diagrams. If you would like more information regarding the charts I used send me an e-mail


Faye Lewis said...

There is nothing like good research is there? Learning all about how to correctly take measurements will make up better sewers and help guarantee successful garments.

Sheila said...

I agree, correct body measurements ensure successful garments.

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