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More About My Vintage Singer

After reading the comments regarding the vintage Singer sewing machine, I decided to do a follow-up post. In the front of the sewing machine there is a serial number engraved into a metal plate. Forgive the blurry picture, the number is AA703882

I checked Singer sewing site to find out when the sewing machine was built. I though it was 1929, but after reading Claire's comment I decided to check the site again and realized that it was built in 1924.

Claire was kind enough to post a website that provides instructions regarding how to service a vintage Singer.

Michelle commented about the cost of cleaning and refurbishing the sewing machine and how much I am going to enjoy sewing on the machine.

I knew that if I searched the Internet or send a S.O.S that someone in blog world would have provided me with the information on how I could clean and refurbish the machine myself.
I bought the machine on E-Bay and when it arrived it was filthy and smelled musty. I did not have the time, energy or…

1929 Vintage Singer

I my last post I shared that I did a lot of sewing related shopping this year. In July I bought this vintage Singer on E-Bay for $90.00 including shipping and handling. The owner told me that it belonged to his grandmother and it was stored in an Attic for a few years. It came with a metal bar that you push against and that was how the machine sewed. I got it professionally service and added an electric foot pedal. I spent approximately $400.00 This machine will last another hundred years. In this area to buy a similar vintage sewing machine that was refurbished could cost approximately $400-$500. If I ever buy another vintage sewing machine, it will be for display only, because it is an expense to get cleaned up and service.


Not much sewing around here. I caught the flu in the middle of August and it progressed to Asthma. Add the demands of work and life into the equation and you can imagine the rest.

I have not sewn a stitch, however,I am knitting a small bag. There is a small yarn store next my allergist's office. Last spring a knitted bag was displayed in the shop's window; it was knitted with a black cotton yarn and a lime green funky yarn. I am using the same black cotton yarn with a funky black yarn. Now I am looking for a beautiful handle, it's almost done, I need one more ball of funky yarn and done.

I've spent my time visiting blog land and enjoying it. I have a lot to share. I bought lots of fabrics this year, books, a 1929 table top sewing machine and I visited Seattle.

After reading Carolyn's blog regarding her stash, I have to confess that my stash is 3-4 or even 5 times bigger than Carolyn. My pattern stash is probably around 2000 (conservative number).
What I am going to …