Saturday, October 23, 2010

1929 Vintage Singer

I my last post I shared that I did a lot of sewing related shopping this year. In July I bought this vintage Singer on E-Bay for $90.00 including shipping and handling. The owner told me that it belonged to his grandmother and it was stored in an Attic for a few years. It came with a metal bar that you push against and that was how the machine sewed. I got it professionally service and added an electric foot pedal. I spent approximately $400.00 This machine will last another hundred years. In this area to buy a similar vintage sewing machine that was refurbished could cost approximately $400-$500. If I ever buy another vintage sewing machine, it will be for display only, because it is an expense to get cleaned up and service.


Claire S. said...

I might be wrong, but that looks like a 99 to me. I acquired 3 of these this summer and being the workhorses they are, they only needed a good cleaning and oil. They all sew amazingly now! 2 of them have knee pedals and they were extremely easy to get used to.

Since they are mechanical, you could do pretty much any servicing yourself. There is a lot of info to be found on the Net for maintaining the old mechanicals, especially the Singers.

The link below may be of help or interest to you - Specifically, it gives a complete step by step how to refurbish old mechanicals (a Singer 99 is one of the specific examples). It is for handcrank models but everything else applies to the electric models as the machines themselves are the same.

Enjoy your new machine now that she's up and running.

Faye Lewis said...

That's a real beaute!

Sheila said...

What a lovely machine and makes for a pretty display. I would be afraid to use it.

Michelle said...

Wow, that is a great machine...but what a lot of money to pay to have it refurbished! It makes me glad that I work on my own machines! ;)

I have one from 1928 that I just love. You will enjoy sewing on it.

JaninaCakes said...

Thank you for posting, because I purchase a 1929 singer that came with what I believed to be a "crowbar". After reading your post I figured out how to turn on my machine. lol. I don't know how i'm going to sew while holding this bar at the same time? Where/or with whom did you have the pedal installed? Thanks.

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