Sunday, October 24, 2010

More About My Vintage Singer

After reading the comments regarding the vintage Singer sewing machine, I decided to do a follow-up post. In the front of the sewing machine there is a serial number engraved into a metal plate. Forgive the blurry picture, the number is AA703882

I checked Singer sewing site to find out when the sewing machine was built. I though it was 1929, but after reading Claire's comment I decided to check the site again and realized that it was built in 1924.

Claire was kind enough to post a website that provides instructions regarding how to service a vintage Singer.

Michelle commented about the cost of cleaning and refurbishing the sewing machine and how much I am going to enjoy sewing on the machine.

I knew that if I searched the Internet or send a S.O.S that someone in blog world would have provided me with the information on how I could clean and refurbish the machine myself.
I bought the machine on E-Bay and when it arrived it was filthy and smelled musty. I did not have the time, energy or interest once the sewing machine arrived. My first reaction was to put throw it into the garbage. I contacted the seller and he was kind enough to call me. I learned a little about the history of the machine and I found out that the seller was an elderly person who was supplementing his income . He was kind and was willing to do whatever he could to make me happy with my purchase.

After my conversation with the seller I decided to get the sewing machine professionally taken care of. I checked several places and found out that it would be expensive.

I am happy with the machine, however this was a learning experience and trust me I would not buy another vintage Singer. Well maybe... Anyway I am going to visit the website that Claire provided, just in case another vintage machine falls in my lap or there is one on E-Bay of Craig's list the hypnotize me and make me buy it. Next time I will be doing the work myself...

Oh, the knit bag is finished, The "fashionista" Sheila inspired me to finished knitting the bag and its done. I nedd to purchase handles, add lining and done. More later....


Melodye said...

Alethia, a word of warning. These machines are magnets. If you bring one home, more will follow! these are great machines and will last forever!

Mariela Alethia said...

Thank you Melodye, I suspect you are right, however I am developing a plan to keep those machine magnetic attraction to my pocketbook awayyyy from me (LOL)

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