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Window Coverings- Family Room

I bought 8 yds of heavy upholstery fabric in August, at The Fabric Warehouse for $16.00. It was on the clearance table for $4.oo/yd plus 50% off. I've sewn lots of home dec projects, however this was the first time I sewed with this type of fabric. I bought the fabric because of the mutted colors of red, green, blue and gold; also it has an etnic look.
The project took 4-5 hours to complete. My first attempt was a disaster. The side seams were wavy and it did not hang right.
Here are the steps to make a simple window covering:
1. Cut the desired length of fabric- include hems and header
2. Fold the fabric length wise, the selvages may or may not meet. The goal here is for the fabric to hang straight. See below

As you can see the selvages did not line up.
3. Pin the selvages. I used a yard stick, chalk pen, rotary mat and a rotary cutter. Use a line on the rotary mat and drarw a straight line with the chalk across the selvage. Cut the selvages. You could remove 1-3 inches or more from th…

New Look 6808

In my previous post you saw that the muslin only needed tweaking. I made muslin #5, in a dark grey fabric. I relay on photos to fit myself in the back and the gray fabric made it easier for me to see what exactly what correction I needed to make.
The pink muslin was fine; it only needed a bit of tweaking. I sewed this muslin following the Bishop's method. The results was a better fitting muslin. The grey muslin was hand basted and that made a difference in the overall fit and looks of the muslin.

The following are notes from this process:
1.I moved the zipper from the side seam to the center back seam. The pattern instructions called for the zipper to be inserted into the side seam. I am working with two muslins, one has the zipper in the side seam and the second muslin has the zipper in the center back seam.

2.I did not compare the center back length and center front length measurements of the pattern to my CB and CF length measurements. After comparing the measurements, the CB was…

Nwe Look 6808

This is what I have been working on. I pretty happy with this muslin so far. I made a total of 3-muslin. I still have to tweak it some more. I am not going to over fit. See the pics below, your comments will be greatly appreciated. My plan is to work on this muslin and get the fit right, so that I can have a basic TNT pattern to work with.