Saturday, November 20, 2010

Window Coverings- Family Room

I bought 8 yds of heavy upholstery fabric in August, at The Fabric Warehouse for $16.00. It was on the clearance table for $4.oo/yd plus 50% off. I've sewn lots of home dec projects, however this was the first time I sewed with this type of fabric. I bought the fabric because of the mutted colors of red, green, blue and gold; also it has an etnic look.
The project took 4-5 hours to complete. My first attempt was a disaster. The side seams were wavy and it did not hang right.
Here are the steps to make a simple window covering:
1. Cut the desired length of fabric- include hems and header
2. Fold the fabric length wise, the selvages may or may not meet. The goal here is for the fabric to hang straight. See below

As you can see the selvages did not line up.
3. Pin the selvages. I used a yard stick, chalk pen, rotary mat and a rotary cutter. Use a line on the rotary mat and drarw a straight line with the chalk across the selvage. Cut the selvages. You could remove 1-3 inches or more from the side.
See below

4. Once the fabric was straighten, I proceeded to straighten the top and bottom, using the lines on the rotary mat, the yardstick etc.
5 I serged the sides, the top and the bottom.
6. The sides were turned under 1-inch. Here I had to tweak the sides a little, I removed 1/2-2 additional inches from the side because it was not straight.
7. The top header was hemmed 3-inches and the bottom was given a 1-inch hem.
This was straight stitching, nothing fancy. The side panels are twin sheets I bought in Walmart 3-years ago for $3.00 per sheet.


Jackie's Stitches said...

Wow! I would be way too scared to try to use something with a definite stripe for a drapery. Not because I don't like stripes - because I do - but because I wouldn't think I'd get it to look straight while on the rod. You did a GREAT job!

Mariela Alethia said...

Thank you Jackie. The secret is straightening a fabric with stripes or any type of linear design is to get straightening the grain. If you can find a quilting book it will show you how to straighten a fabric.

Omega said...

Hey Alethia, your window covering look great!
You're the queen of window treatments.

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