Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Holidays

This is a photo of the Xmas tree (last year) in my living room. I have two Xmas tress for my living room, a big tree and a table top tree. This year I am using the tabletop tree. I have a total of 10 Xmas trees. Each room has a different team.

Let me give you a brief idea of I got started.
December 1994 my son was 10-months old and it was his first Xmas. I wanted new decorations and I could not afford to buy new decorations nor did I have a lot of money to buy gifts. I watched Martha Stewart’s and other craft show on TV and came up with the idea to make a gingerbread theme. I bought $3.00 of camel color felt, brown embroidery floss, batting and made the ornaments on the tree below. In addition to the ornaments I used brown paper bags from the grocery store and wrapped empty gift boxes, drew and painted more of the gingerbread dolls on the gift boxes. I save the ornaments and boxes until 1996 when I loaned the ornaments to family member; they were returned in 2008. I don’t know what happened to the gift boxes. So last year was the first time I re-decorate a tree in the gingerbread theme. As you can see in the picture below I found red bags with the gingerbread theme. I am going to change the red bags to brown bags later.

This was my starting point; in 1996 I came up with a second theme; gold angels. I bought gold plastic angels after Xmas, and painted their faces to suit my decor. Know it takes me approximately 2-3-years to develop a theme; from the ornaments on the tree to decorating the mantle over the fireplace etc.

In 1999 I started the third theme Santa Claus. I made the ornaments out of recycled brown paper bags from the grocery store. I drew the faces and painted and glittered each one. I probable made 75-100 medium to large ornaments. Just like the gingerbread ornaments, I loaned them out in 2004 and the rest is history. My friend could not find the ornaments, and finally I was able to get them back in 2006; however they were flattened and essentially needed a little work to bring them back. After all the work it took to create the Santa Claus ornaments, I just did not feel like being bother. I was in A.C. Moore after Xmas and I found ceramic Santa Claus faces that you can paint and decorate for 60% off. That was 4-years ago.
As a result of not having the Santa Claus ornaments in 1996 I bought string of pearls at the RagShop for pennies and strung my living room tree with lots of pearls like garland and that was how the fourth theme was started: crystal/clear. Since then this tree took on a life of its own. I started buying clear ornaments, crystals including Swarovski crustal. I have one of kind ornaments from cheap to somewhat pricey. Last year I added lots of clear balls. This is a versatile theme because you can add a small amount of color to the tree with little effort.

In 2004, my sister bought me a white Xmas tree. I bought a large urn, and use it as the base of the white tree and placed the tree in the dining room. This was theme #5 Apples, Pears with a touch of red. Again I went to the Rag Shop Xmas eve and bought reddish/burgundy/goldish pears and apples and decorated the tree.

In 2007 I redecorated my dining room and decided to buy a largeee Xmas tree and decorated the tree in a green; theme #6. I found the most beautiful ornaments at Crate and Barrel, Jo-Ann's and other places including discount stores.
I also started theme #7- the kitchen tree. This tree was decorated with stainless steel pot & pan I bought at Toys R US, including rolling pins, utensils etc.

Last year I decide to add a Xmas tree in the back porch/laundry room, guest bathroom.

I have two more Xmas tress on the front porch, one in bay window and one in the front porch. One more, the foyer….. I started a collecting ornaments for a Kwanzaa/Ethnic theme. I have been working on this idea for the at lease 13-years. Maybe next year?

This is a lot of work, and this year I decided to streamline the decorations and not put up so many trees. I will like to spend my holiday time enjoying the holidays with family, visiting friends,and making plans for the approaching new year.



Elaray said...

Now, I really feel like a Scrooge. I decided not to decorate this year. My DD and I will not be at home for Christmas so I thought, "What's the point?" Your decorations and their history are wonderful!

Sheila said...

Happy Holiday and your xmas trees are very pretty. Wow a tree in each room and I can't find the energy to put up one.

Faye Lewis said...

Wow, your house certainly looks very Christmasy! It's beautiful!

Jackie's Stitches said...

I love your very first Christmas tree with the gingerbread. What a special story.

I only have one tree but one day I'd like to have several up at the same time.

Sewingadicta said...

A beautiful story! It's as if Christmas tree has its own history that is both the history of the whole family. Wonderful!

Mariela Alethia said...

Thank you ladies for your kind comments.

Cennetta said...

Merry Christmas. The tree is beautiful. One day I want to have a tree (in some form) in every room of the house.

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