Friday, March 26, 2010

Jacket- New Look 6316- DONE and Words of Wisdom from Kenneth King

The jacket is doneeeeeee. I spent a lot of time on this jacket and made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot.

The most important lesson I learned was to stop being a pain in the a..... perfectionist.

In a recent interview Kenneth King said the following:
If I were to say one thing and only one thing, it’s this: perfectionism is a disease, and a form of fear!
When learning the craft of sewing (which I believe is absolutely necessary in order to know what’s possible when designing), you should expect to destroy several acres of fabric before you get good. This is an acquired skill which can only be perfected by means of repetition—practicing over and over, learning from mistakes, learning when you can save something, and when you need to cut your losses and start over.

If you are afraid to make a mistake, afraid to ruin some fabric, or afraid to waste some time, you won’t ever get really good at this craft. It’s the dues you pay for becoming proficient.

However, if you are willing to charge forward, cut into that fabric, try something different, and risk making a mistake, there will come one day when you realize that you’re sewing without that knot of worry in the pit of your stomach, and the process effortlessly glides along.

He is absolutely right. So I forged ahead and finish the jacket. It's not perfect, but it is good enough for me to wear.

I wore the jacket to work yesterday and was complimented. After work I stoped at the fabric store . While I was there I strike up a conversation with the sales lady and another customer. The customer name is Thomas (he gave me permission to post about him), he asked about the details around the edge of the jacket. I told him I made the jacket. He complemented me and proceeded to share his observations; the fit in the shoulders and the sleeves was very good and the darts in the back of the jacket where in the right position, etc.. To make a long story short we exchange phone numbers. Thomas worked for Tommy Hilfiger for the past 10-years. So for him to take the time to give a stranger lots of tips... well you guys can imagine my sewing self esteem is in high gear.

I am always amazed at the generosity of the sewing community. All the effort I put into this jacket was worth it.

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