Sunday, September 12, 2010


Since I finished the drapes I've had so many complements from friends and family. Some of the comments were " they look so rich, I know that was a lot of work, luxurious".
It was a lot of work; lesson learned- planning, gathering all the supplies you're going to need and deciding a sewing order is the key to success.
Of course I'm going to continue to make window coverings. In fact I love sewing home dec projects. The one advice I will share is that the lining should be added at the very end. Don't add it a the very beginning because the drape becomes too heavy. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Yesterday I sewed the last three panels. After sewing 11-panels fully lined, last 3-panels was quick and easy to sew because I figured out that it much easier to sew the curtains first and attached the lining at the very end.

I hung them up last night and my daughter commented that of those were the most regal and rich looking curtains I've ever sewed.

I must admit there all lovely, but oh my gosh it was work. Anyway I wrote extensive notes, so the next time around it should be easier.

I stayed up until 1am cleaning up my sewing space, and today I will finish cleaning up.

Next- I am going to finish working on a blouse muslin and for the September Friday night sew-in I am going to work on finishing the red cropped jacket. No more big ideas for Friday night sew-in, yep I learned my lesson

Photos later

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